MPM: June Already!?

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Here we are again, another busy week! This summer is promising to be super duper busy so let’s not waste any time with chit-chat, shall we?  Here goes!

Monday:  This site calls it a “poor man’s meal,” other places I’ve seen call it a “farmer’s meal,” basically it’s potato slices fried up with hot dogs. Except, I’m not adding the onions; and I’m not peeling the potatoes!!  (I cringe when I see Clara on the video peeling her potatoes. . . all those veggies thrown out!)   I’m going quick and easy this week. 🙂

Tuesday:  Hamburgers with lettuce and tomatoes, fries (maybe), random veggies.

Wednesday: Dinner at church.

Thursday: Left O’Vers.  (When I first put this on the menu, The Bull wondered aloud if it was an Irish dish.  😀  )

Friday, Kids’ night:   Saturday:   Sunday:  Umm . . .  We have a change in our usual routine this week, so I don’t know what this weekend’s meals will look like.  We’ll see what happens!

Run over to see the Org Junkie and you, too, can share your meal plans with the whole wide world.  Or you can peek in someone else’s dining room windows.  Lotsa’ fun!


5 Responses to “MPM: June Already!?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I usually leave my weekend menu plans flexible, too. We try to go out one day, even if it’s just a take-out pizza, and we don’t usually decide until that morning.

    I’ll have to try the hot dogs and potato slices. Looks easy and inexpensive, and my family would probably like it.

  2. debi b Says:

    will definitely have to take a peek at the hotdog & potato recipe. Sounds interesting 🙂

    ps I rarely peel my potatoes either 🙂

  3. heidi Says:

    Ugh! I didn’t post my menu plan, did I? Bah humbug. Maybe I’ll be able to get to it tomorrow. It’s boring, anyway.

  4. heidi Says:

    I’m never gonna get to it. It went and still goes like this:

    pizza (gift from a friend)
    Harvest soup
    mince & tatties
    french toast and bacon
    deer steak and side dishes
    some korean dish my friend is showing me how to make with deer steak
    mac n cheese
    grilled cheese & tom soup

  5. purplemoose Says:

    Sounds yummy, Heidi! Not at all as bleak as I feared for you. Deer meat, how cool! Who is the hunter?

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