MPM: May 25

meal plan monday buttonI really need to find more recipes.  I’ve got a bunch, but then I rely on the same 20 week after week.  Truth be known, I’m just too busy (or tired? or lazy?) to look through my recipe files when I sit down to write up the meal plan.


Monday:  Salmon patties, rice, random veggies.

Tuesday:  Moose steaks (marinated in Montreal steak seasoning), potatoes, random veggies.

Wednesday:  Dinner at church.

Thursday:  Turkey enchiladas.

Friday, Kids’ night:  On the go, we’ll just grab something and go.

Saturday:  Moose stroganoff, mashed potatoes, random veggies.

Sunday:  Breakfast for dinner.

You can visit Org Junkie’s blog if you want to join the fun, or see what else is for dinner.


2 Responses to “MPM: May 25”

  1. Cascia @ Healthy Moms Says:

    Looks good! I wish I was that organized.

  2. debi b Says:

    I just posted some new recipe blogs on my recipe blog. I found some awesome recipes from there .
    My recipe blog:

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