BPS: Summer?

Sunday again!! Time to link up with Debi and show off our favorite summer baby pics.

Summer in Alaska is cool.  Temperature-wise, I mean.  I don’t think it even got to 70 degrees ONCE last summer.  Which meant it was rainy and icky.

So far this  year, we’ve already had SEVERAL 70-degree days.  Yay!!  We’ll see how it goes from  here. . . maybe we used up all of our summer in May?  Or maybe this will be a hot year? (It seems like the years that I am pregnant are sunnier and hotter.  And that’s not just the pregnancy hormones talking either!  Oh, but I’m not pregnant this year, so it’ll be cold, right?)

Oops, was I supposed to show pics?  Sorry!  Silly me, rambling here about the weather when you came over to see this. . .


This is the little girl calf, just a week before her first birthday, showing off some summertime duds and, ah, havin’ a ball.  😉


And here’s the first one in our family to wear these duds, Calf #1!  This pic was taken in April, usually a chilly month in Alaska, but we were visiting relatives in Kansas and it was a wee bit warm.


And, of course, Calf #2 had his turn with the outfit!  It was adorable.  Oh, and you’ve got to see this too. . .


. . . which is significant for two reasons: one, the rear end of the onesie is absolutely adorable, and two, there’s that purple lady.  Hmm.  She doesn’t make it into the blog often.  We’ll have to make note of this.  😉

Now, go see Debi to link up your baby’s pics!


5 Responses to “BPS: Summer?”

  1. ♥Rocío♥ Says:

    You have a Cutie Pie!!!

  2. debi b Says:

    i LOVE that you have pics of all 3 kids in that adorable outfit!!! Your two youngest look a lot alike 🙂

    WOW! Can’t believe you barely hit 70 in the summer! I wish! We go almost to 100 by the end of August. UGH! (and it’s HUMID too!)

    Thanks so much for playing along each week 🙂

  3. Catherine Says:

    That baseball behind is really cute. And it’s great to have all the children wearing the same outfit at the same age – I have a christmas shirt all 6 of mine wore for their first christmas. I’ll have to blog about that one day!

  4. cat Says:

    Oh cute pictures – and like me, you do not often appear in any.

  5. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) Says:

    I wish I was more conscientious about taking pix of the kids in the same outfit.

    Or even my girls when they had a bunch of matching stuff as toddlers– I didn’t take *near* enough “twins” pictures. I don’t think they’ll ever look that much alike again.

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