NMM: I guess I will


It’s still Monday, and I have a little time, so I guess I’ll join MckMama over at her blog for this fun carnival she created.

This past week I did NOT do a lot of things.  Like chase a little girl calf through the grass at a park.  And then lay in the grass myself, totally soaking up the sun and letting The Bull chase the kids for a while!  Aaaaahhhh, this is what I like about spring summer in Alaska. Green grass and warm days.  Why, today got up to about 65 degrees!  It’s downright tropical (especially compared to December/January’s 20 below zero!)  Really, we need to enjoy this now, because it’s NOT usually this nice here in May.

(Which explains why I am NOT at the computer, but instead outside enjoying the sun.)

And the long daylight hours are NOT getting to me, too.  Since it’s light until nearly midnight, and I mean light enough to read, I am NOT having a hard time getting to bed.  I have NOT had to tell the boy calves a few times this week, “No, it’s NOT day time, it’s bedtime.  Go to bed!” because they, too are fooled into believing that it’s earlier than it really is.

I did NOT set my watch timer for a reasonable 9:15 p.m. to have an audible reminder that it is time to get myself and the little ones ready for bed.

We did NOT have such a busy weekend that the dishes did NOT fill up BOTH sinks in the kitchen.  Ick!  I did NOT spend a bunch of time this morning scrubbing off dried-on food and loading the dishwasher (since we do NOT have one of those dishwashers that requires one to pre-wash the dishes) and then I did NOT have to re-run the lousy thing because the soap hadn’t rinsed off completely.  (Exactly how is this a time saving device? And energy efficient?  Puh-leeze!!)

And speaking of the busy weekend, I did NOT find myself bawling at our friend’s graduation.  I did  NOT feel even a tiny bit of emotion as I realized that the photos in the slideshow–of the graduates at different ages–are exactly like the photos I am taking now, of my children!  And that in another decade I’ll be looking through these photos I’m taking every day and choosing some to embarrass highlight our graduate.  And that we’ll then be kissing him good bye as he goes off to the military or to college or to his first “real” job. . . Oh excuse me a moment, I do NOT need a kleenex. . .

If you can handle a little honesty, head over to MckMama’s to read what others have NOT done this past week!


One Response to “NMM: I guess I will”

  1. Angela Says:

    I always bawl at graduations. Also weddings. Pretty much any kind of ceremony!

    My Not Me! Monday

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