Of Course There Are Others. . . Part 2

Tuesday was just the first child I learned of who was fighting neuroblastoma.  We prayed for her for seven months (we learned about her after her cancer journey started) and it was a roller coaster ride.  The emotions were up when she made progress, and down when she was in pain or having difficulty.

One of the ups was over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  One of my all-time favorite posts was so simple and beautiful. . . just one photo and one word: CLEAN! This was just before Christmas and I’ll tell you, there was great rejoicing at the Moose household that week.

Until the post, only nine days later, the one that said the cancer was back.  And then we prayed again.  And Tuesday fought that cancer with all she had and chemo and radiation and then, all of a sudden, she was gone. I read that post as my children were heading to bed.  I was glad to have a chance to grieve a bit, before sharing the news with them.  We were unable to go to Colorado for Tuesday’s memorial service, so of course we had our own little wagie ride.

The night I sat at the computer to post about it, I learned about another little girl,  Cora.  Not even one year old, she passed away only weeks after her diagnosis with neuroblastoma.

WHAT! I thought this was a rare cancer!?!?

And yet, there are others! Many more!

Like Max, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at three years of age.  He fought it for the better part of four years before passing away.  His family is putting together a fun fundraiser in San Diego, if you are able to go check it out.

Then there’s Deqlan, who was not even a year old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  Amazingly enough, after only a few months of treatments, he’s now showing no evidence of disease.  And has been for over a year!

(No Evidence of Disease.  NED.  They don’t like to say that someone is “cured” of cancer because it has a propensity to come back, kicking and screaming.)

Through some other friends of Tuesday, I’ve also learned of other children with neuroblastoma.






Adrianna C








Adrianna G

And Alyssa, Trey, and Sydney, whose web sites I can’t link to (and I’m not sure why.)

(Other children with other forms of cancer, and other health concerns, are listed also.)

“For Tuesday” also maintains a list of those who have passed away.  Today, there are 22 children on this list; 19 of these had cancer.

You could also go to the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society’s website, where they have a Wall of Fame.

Are you ready for this?  They list


children who have died from neuroblastoma, and a longer list of those who are fighting.

Are you overwhelmed yet?  ‘Cuz I am.  I am so blown over by the numbers that I don’t even know what to do.

This is hundreds of children fighting cancer and dealing with chemo and radiation treatments; hundreds of parents devastated by watching their precious children in pain; hundreds of siblings worried that they might get sick and wondering why their brother or sister can’t play with them.  Hundreds of aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins all touched by a terrible cancer.

I am so, so glad that the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation (and I’m sure there are others that I don’t know about) was set up and that we can do something to fight neuroblastoma.  Today is the last day of the Tuesday Blog Party. The money you donate to the Foundation is going towards cancer research in Tuesday’s name.  Please head over to donate, there are some of the give aways that are ending today.  And there are a couple of huge, wonderful vacation packages that were just added.

Let’s kick the cancer for Tuesday and the other hundreds of children who are fighting it.


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