NMM: Tuesday’s Party Week


Welcome to another edition of this wonderful blog carnival, started by the very energetic and very lovely MckMama!

In honor of the Tuesday Blog Party this week, I’m sharing some things I did NOT do the past week during the party.

I did NOT visit each and every blog advertising a give away.

I did NOT enter a bunch of give aways!  Heck, it’s only $1 to enter, that’s not bad at all!

I did NOT decide NOT to post about my favorites, so as to limit my competition. 😉  I will NOT tell you about the gift cards, the cute little baby shoes, the darling children’s jewelry, the hats and scarves, the DVDs and books, coffee mugs, gift baskets, T-shirts, and sunglasses that are available through this party.

I did NOT spend several hours re-reading the Whitt family’s blog before writing a post or two.

I did NOT spend several hours researching neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers, and then writing this and this. (And I do NOT better understand neuroblastoma now, childhood cancers in general, cancer funding, etc.)

I was NOT excited to see such an overwhelming response to the blog party!

I am NOT hoping that we’ll reach our goal–$3000–today.

I did NOT almost forget to put in my donation for those give aways I did NOT enter.

I am NOT going to say, yet a-GAIN, “please go to Debi’s blog to join us for the Tuesday Blog Party!”

I am NOT going to wrap up Tuesday’s week tomorrow with yet another post about Tuesday and other stuff.

I do NOT wish ya’all to have a lovely spring day!


2 Responses to “NMM: Tuesday’s Party Week”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I love all the “Not Me” posts… so funny!

    Thanks for visiting me last week for Thankful Thursday!

  2. Pour some sugar on me Says:

    you’re a winner at my blog! please email me your information at knotyladee@aol.com!!! thanks!

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