BPS: Tuesday

Normally on Sunday, we’d be posting our best baby pictures and linking up with Debi to share them with the world.

But this is not a normal Sunday.  This is Mother’s Day.  It is also Jessica Kate Whitt’s first Mother’s Day since the passing of her sweet, precious Tuesday.

This is the reason for the Tuesday Blog Party, to give Jessica Kate something wonderful today.

In keeping with my Tuesday focus this week, I thought I’d share a sweet picture of my little boys from our Wagie Ride.

The “wagie” was one of Tuesday’s very favorite things.  At her memorial service, folks participated in a Wagie Ride for Tuesday.  Those of us who were unable to be in Colorado did our own, virtual, Wagie Rides to remember Tuesday.

Except there was three feet of snow in our yard that weekend, so our “wagies” were actually “sleds.”


(And yes, I have blogged about this before.)

When I first learned about Tuesday, I talked about her with the boys.  Together, we prayed for her health.  In December (or was it January?) Debi had a great idea, to make cut-out tracings of our  hands for Tuesday.  We were able to participate in that too, it was a wonderful way for them to make a connection with a girl they had never met.  And I’m finding, too, that simply praying for someone creates a pretty strong bond with that person.  So, it was natural that we would want to participate in the wagie ride.

Please, would you take a moment to visit Debi’s other blog to join us with Tuesday’s Blog Party?  Lots of folks are putting some nice things up for grabs, and it’ll only cost you $1 to have a chance to win.  Plus, the money is supporting the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation, for cancer research.
We are really close to meeting our $3000 goal!  Thank you!


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