TT: Mom

It’s Tuesday Week here at the Purple Moose Tracks, in honor of the Tuesday blog party.

This week I am thankful for Tuesday’s mom, Jessica Kate.

I spent some time last night reading through her blog postings.  She wrote a lot after Tuesday was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  But she actually started blogging months before that.

As I read through her blog for the second time, I was amazed and impressed all over again with her faith, her courage, and her strength.  I think these qualities are what caused me to start frequenting “Go Blog Yourself” back in August when I first heard about Tuesday and her family.

“Faith” doesn’t mean that we won’t have questions, but that we trust God anyway, even when we don’t understand what’s happening.

“Courage” doesn’t mean that we won’t be afraid, but that we will push on and persevere despite the fear.

“Strength” doesn’t mean that we won’t feel weak, but that we will do what needs to be done even when we feel the weakest.

And that all comes through loud and clear in her blog.  You have inspired me, Jessica Kate, and I am so glad that you have shared this journey with us and allowed us to pray for your family throughout these past several months.

If you’d like to join us for Thankful Thursday, you can hop over to Lynn’s blog.

And if you haven’t yet stopped over at Debi’s blog, please take some time to visit today.  You can donate to cancer research and enter give aways all at the same time!  As of right now, there are 63 different give aways listed and the donation total is over $2000!!


7 Responses to “TT: Mom”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Yes, faith.. courage..strenght… so great that the Lord gives us all!

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  2. Melissa Says:

    What a lovely tribute to a friend, and an excellent reminder that we need to trust God and move forward even when we are challenged. He is faithful!

    I like your Moose theme. My son’s nickname is Mooseman, and he likes all things Moose!

  3. Laurie Says:

    A great post of appreciation not only to your dear friend but to our Father who gives all those things you mentioned …faith, courage and strength! Happy TT!

  4. Laurie Ann Says:

    Awesome post and great blessings…Happy Thankful Thursday to you.

  5. Denise Says:

    Such a sweet post.

  6. Rita Says:

    Beautiful post. Happy Thankful Thursday and may your Mother’s Day be wonderful!

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