Who is this Tuesday?

Some who have not yet met Tuesday might wonder who she is.  I’d be happy to introduce you.

Tuesday is a twin to Piper.

A younger sister to Axel and Spencer.

A daughter to Charley and Jessica Kate.

Born on the 11th of  October, 2006.  Her last day on this earth was the 30th of January

I wanted to share a sweet, short video that Tuesday’s family posted on their blog, but I couldn’t post it here . . . please go here to view it.

But here’s one from you-tube that I can embed here.

. . . and here’s another one.

Tuesday liked the color pink.

They called her “Tootie.”  She had the most beautiful, curly blonde hair.

She loved, loved, loved a good “wagie ride,” as she called the wagon.

On July 21, 2008, Tuesday was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma.

She endured probably 50 to 100 different procedures during her eight months fighting neuroblastoma.  CT scans and bone scans and MIBG scans, six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to remove traces of cancer and one of her kidneys.  She was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant (stem cell rescue), but that was postponed there when the cancer started growing again.

She was a very active, energetic child, despite the cancer.

She lost her hair and a lot of weight, but she never lost her spunk or personality.

I think I “met” Tuesday in August, and the Moose family has been praying for her and her family since then.

Eight months of cancer treatment (and all that goes with it) took quite a toll on her family, though, as you might imagine.  And yet, they continue to reach out to others.

This week is Tuesday’s Blog Party.  If you have some time, please go to Debi’s blog today.  Many bloggers have arranged for special give aways this week, and all you need to do to get in on the fun is donate $1 for each you’d like to enter  (although I guess some may have different requirements. . . )  As of Tuesday night, $1000 had been donated to the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation, which is donating the proceeds to pediatric cancer research in Tuesday’s name.

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