NMM: Back To The Routine!


We are back to Not Me’ing!  YAY!  This is what, six weeks after Baby Stellan’s initial hospital visit? If you haven’t heard, he is doing great!

I’m just  not sure what to do.  How did I do this again?  Let me think.  What have I NOT done recently?

Well, let’s see.  Several weeks ago, we were blessed with a healthy dose of chicken pox!  We’d been waiting for a long time for it.  But, I did NOT realize how much laundry that would create for me.   The little calves bathed four or five times a day, since being submerged in oatmeal-y or baking soda-y water made them less itchy. That did NOT create loads and loads of laundry:  bathtowels, and washcloths, and shirts, etc., etc.!

And at about the same time, I did NOT need to do middle-of-the-night baths and bedding changes with the little girl with vomit and/or leaky diarrhea.  One of those instances did NOT involve a cloth diaper, and leaking all the way down to her toes, and throwing away the whole mess (diaper, diaper cover, and jammies.) This did NOT carry on for several days. I am NOT going to admit that one of those leaky diarrhea instances was while the baby girl calf was sitting on the afghan which I am crocheting in my “spare time.”  Said afghan does NOT smell funny.  Normally I wash the things when I’m finished with them, but this one did NOT end up with a pre-washing.

I did NOT wake up early one Friday morning, a few weeks ago, to have The Bull asking me about the candle I’d left burning the night before.  OOPS!!!  Have to NOT do that one again!

Over the last seven weeks, I did NOT spend days by the computer, during Stellan’s hospitalization, clicking “Refresh” over and over and over and over and over, looking for updates on Stellan’s health. I did NOT spend time praying for them to be able to go home soon. I am NOT relieved, really thrilled, that Stellan is back home where he belongs with the rest of his Happy Meal siblings.

Whew, they say that confession is good for the soul.  I feel better, how about you?  I have missed this lovely habit and I’m glad that you’re back,  MckMama!  Head to MckMama’s blog and you will find everything you need to know about doing your own Not Me!


One Response to “NMM: Back To The Routine!”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Gotta love those Not Me’s!! I’ve had so many lately I’d have to fill a book with them. Such as it was NOT ME that took forEVER to get some buttons done for people’s blogs, and it was NOT ME that lost ALL of her emails either!!

    Hope I did ok. Please email me ASAP and I’ll give you my special secret photobucket album and password so you can choose your button!

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