MPM: Heeeeeeeere’s our dinners!

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That’s right, friends, it’s time once again for everyone’s faaavorite post of the week:  What’s For Dinner!!!  Here’s the eats for this week.

Monday:  We ate leftovers.  Dinner’s over already.  I’m posting this late again!

Tuesday:  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  We’ll celebrate with bean and cheese burritoes, and if I get really ambitious I’ll make home made tortillas.

Wednesday: dinner at church.

Thursday:  Gonna try the baked teriyaki chicken recipe that’s been sitting around for a few months.  Cleaning out the recipe files!  And a potato or rice side dish, and random veggies.

Friday, Kids’ night:  Tortilla soup (adapted) and nacho chips.

Saturday:  Mashed potatoes and spinach casserole (adapted.)

Sunday:  Moose ribs, baked potatoes, random veggies (third week it’s been on the list, do you think I’ll actually get to make it this time?)

You can visit Org Junkie’s blog if you want to join the fun, or see what else is for dinner.


2 Responses to “MPM: Heeeeeeeere’s our dinners!”

  1. T&T Says:

    do you know i steal some of your ideas (hee hee)

  2. purplemoose Says:

    No, I didn’t know that! 😉 Hope they work for you.

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