TT: Courage and Other Stuff

What A Crazy Week!

So the other day I, had a wonderful day planned.   With a little of this and a little of that, a good book or two, and a few errands in the afternoon; it looked like the children and I would have a calm, fun day together.

Before getting started with the day’s routine, I decided to start a fire in the wood stove.  I picked up the hatchet to cut a piece of wood for kindling.  And I slipped, I guess, and cut my finger!!! I quickly took off the gloves I’d been wearing and ran to the kitchen for a paper towel.  At first I feared that I had cut my finger off, or maybe just half way off!

Thankfully (#1) I had not severed my finger.  But it looked really ugly, and it hurt, and I wasn’t sure how badly it was cut.   I was feeling more than a little woozy, and here I was with my three small children with my hubby at work! I had the presence of mind to sit down and find the phone and call The Bull.

Thankfully (#2) his job is fairly flexible and allowed him to leave right then to come and take care of me.  And thankfully (#3) I did not faint or fall down or anything else like that would scare the children.

Calf #1 was able to find and bring me the phone book, thankfully (#4), and I was able to call and get an appointment with an urgent care facility, thankfully (#5), and didn’t need to go to the emergency room.

While I reclined on the couch and applied pressure on my finger (and held it above my heart) I was very afraid of what would happen.  Would I lose the top of my finger?  Would I still be able to play the piano?  I did not feel very courageous at all.  And yet, the thing that kept me from falling apart was that I did not want to scare the kids.

The Bull got home and loaded the kids and me into the van, then drove me to the clinic.  Once again the fear came up, as I waited for the doctor to look at my finger.  I was dreading this, because I knew he’d have to move it around to see how bad the cut was, and I knew this would hurt.  I still hadn’t dared to look at it.  The Bull then took the children to the play land for a while, thankfully (#6.)

Thankfully (#7), when the doctor came in, the first thing he did was to use a little lidocaine to numb my finger.

Thankfully (#8) I did not lose my finger.   And as the doctor was examining my finger, I was finally able to look at it too.  In fact, I realized that the cut wasn’t as bad as I initally feared; I guess it looked worse because of the blood.  (And then I felt relieved, and really silly for my initial panic!)  The cut was  “only” about seven millimeters long, although it does go over the nailbed. And the doctor only put in two stitches, thankfully (#9.)

And thankfully (#10), we were only a few minutes late for the boys’ afternoon activities.

Although I was afraid, I realize now that I had more courage than I thought I did.  I wonder where that came from?  🙂  I am most thankful today for the courage the LORD gives when we need it.

Today is Laurie’s last day to host Thankful Thursday.  Next week we’re back to Lynn’s place.  Make plans to join us next Thursday!

4 Responses to “TT: Courage and Other Stuff”

  1. Denise Says:

    Bless your heart, so glad you are ok sweetie.

  2. nani Says:

    yikes!! I had the “heebie jeebies” the whole time I was reading this!!! I hope you are doing ok…take care of yourself!!

  3. Untangling Tales » Of Blood and Accidents Says:

    […] Purple Moose mentioned a finger-cutting incident that reminded me of a story I haven’t told here before. […]

  4. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) Says:

    I’ve never cut myself with an axe– can’t think if I’ve ever welded (wealded?) one– but I had a bloody incident with a knife when my oldest was 2. Never ended up getting stitches, though.

    Yeah for DH flexibility! I know my dear husband has been available several times to save the day. Such a *huge* thing to be thankful for.

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