Praying friends. . . It’s time!

Prayers for Stellan

Tonight or tomorrow, Stellan will be going in for a risky ablation on his heart.  It’s risky because he’s so young.  But they have reached the end of all the tricks in the medical bag.

From MckMama’s blog posting today:

“. . .  would you pray that he [the doctor performing the ablation] will have clarity of mind as far as how aggressive to be with the ablation in order to fix Stellan’s problem without putting him at undue risk for complications. Would you pray that the tiny catheters the doctors use will not nick Stellan’s coronary artery? Would you pray for peace for me and my husband? Would you pray that heart block will not occur during the surgery? Would you pray that the extra pathways Stellan has will be located and successfully destroyed? Will you pray that, if they need to go through his septum, that it will heal as it should? Would you pray that in the days after the surgery (In infants, coronary damage sometimes doesn’t appear for up to three days, so we’ll be here for the rest of the week at least it looks.) we will cling to Jesus and not to fear?”

Thank you, friends!


3 Responses to “Praying friends. . . It’s time!”

  1. nani Says:

    …I didn’t have orange, so I had to wear yellow!!! I keep looking expecting to see a picture of your family in orange…but unless I missed…it’s not there!!

  2. purplemoose Says:

    Orange? C’mon Nani, this is purple we’re talking about. 😉 We’re orange in spirit, even if not in flesh.

  3. It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To. . . « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] was another little baby, Stellan, and his heart.  Dear LORD, how we prayed for that boy!!  Several times in 2009 he was hospitalized for SVT, a potentially deadly heart […]

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