MPM: Leftovers

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Apparently I’m cooking too much here.  The fridge seems to be perpetually filled. . . that’s a great thing. . . but it’s hard to justify spending the time to cook when there is so much food already cooked.  The Bull usually takes leftovers for lunch, and I like to make sure he has a nice selection from which to choose.  Still, I think I’ll add a leftover night into our mix. (Yay!!!! One less night to cook for me!)

Monday: Leftovers! 🙂

Tuesday: Paprika chicken (from last week: boneless breast chunks seasoned with paprika in a cream sauce), potatoes, and random veggies.

Wednesday:  dinner at church.

Thursday:  Colcannon.  There are many recipes out there, with slight variations, but basically this is mashed potatoes with cabbage.  You can substitute kale for the cabbage, or add onions or bacon or corned beef or whatever you have or like.  Versatile and YUMMY!

Friday, Kids’ night:  Breakfast for dinner: pancakes, eggs, fruit.

Saturday:  Bean and cheese burritoes.

Sunday:  Moose ribs, baked potatoes, random veggies.  (Shhhh. . . don’t tell The Bull, it’s one of his favorite meals!)  I slow bake the ribs for hours in the roaster pan with a little water in it, then add BBQ sauce at the end. . . usually it ends up tender and delish.

Looking for ideas, menu plans, and recipes?  Try here.  Or link up and add your own!

OH!! And before I forget again. . . it’s not too late, you can still vote for my recipe in Heidi’s Blogstyle Iron Chef Challenge! *wink*


One Response to “MPM: Leftovers”

  1. heidi Says:

    Yeah, that’s why we have a leftover night every mennu rotation! That and I make Rob eat them for lunch. LOL

    Love the paprika chicken! Mmmm!

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