MPM: Monday again?!

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So last week I mentioned that it’s hard to figure out breakfasts and lunches for me and the calves during the day.  I tried the menu sheet, but ended up making a list of choices. . . at the appropriate time I pick something off the list.  Works for me!

And really, this is how I handle the dinner portion of our menu plan:  It is a list of choices. Days may vary, but these are the meals I’m planning to make this week:

Monday: Turkey dinner (that we didn’t get to eat Sunday night. . . since it was a busy day and we changed our plans mid-day-ish.)

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner: egg gravy, biscuits, fruit.  (Using up the colored Easter eggs! How’s that for cool?) (Basically, I’m planning to make a white sauce with chicken broth and add chopped hard boiled eggs.)

Wednesday:  church dinner

Thursday:  Garlic/ginger moose stir fry.

Friday, Kids’ night:  My sister’s chicken fajitas.

Saturday:  Sausage and potatoes, random veggies.

Sunday:  Paprika chicken (boneless breast chunks seasoned with paprika in a cream sauce), rice or potatoes, and random veggies.

Stuck on what to feed your family?  Visit Org Junkie’s blog.


3 Responses to “MPM: Monday again?!”

  1. mrssgtb Says:

    mmmm i love breakfast for dinner!

  2. heidi Says:

    I think I may make Biscuits and Gravy this weekend when my p arents are here. Wonder if my daddy would mind having it for dinner instead of bfast? LOL

  3. MPM: Leftovers « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] Paprika chicken (from last week: boneless breast chunks seasoned with paprika in a cream sauce), potatoes, and random […]

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