MPM: Missing something?

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So, since I started on this menu planning journey, dinners have been pretty easy.  Just look at the list and fix it.  (Unless, of course, I don’t have the ingredients or the time or the energy. . . then we do the ol’ switcheroo or call it leftover night.)

What has been missing, sadly, is breakfasts and lunches.  Since The Bull is off at work, that means that the kids and I are grabbing whatever we can.  Picture me standing at the cupboard and/or fridge with hungry children clamoring around my knees, begging for food.

Not a pretty picture.

Yesterday I found this menu plan sheet from a fellow menu planner, and I’m going to try it for a few weeks.  We’ll see if it will help with the lunch time rush.

Meanwhile. . . back on the ranch . . .

Monday: Soft tacos (repurposing last week’s leftover black-bean-cakes-made-with-pinto-beans.)

Tuesday: Collard greens (from this recipe.  I’ve made it before with beet greens, so we’ll experiment with collards this time.

Wednesday:  Something with leeks.  HELP!!!  What do I do with leeks?  Any of you out there have tips or a favorite recipe to share?

Thursday:  Hamburgers, potatoes, and random veggies.  Perhaps I’ll have The Bull fire up the grill again.  (Yes, there is still snow on the ground.  Yes, we have started the grill this year already.  Remember the moose steaks from two weeks ago?  No, we are not crazy. 😀 )



Friday, Kids’ night:  Tonight we are going to a special Passover Seder dinner!!  Oh so exciting! I can’t wait!

Saturday:  Breakfast for dinner: eggs, pancakes, fruit.

Sunday:  Turkey dinner (with as many of the trimmings as I can do with out going nuts!!)

More recipe plans, recipes, and great ideas can be found at Org Junkie’s blog.  Happy eating ya’all!


6 Responses to “MPM: Missing something?”

  1. Karen Says:

    That’s a dedicated griller… We don’t venture out to the grill until the snow melts.

  2. heidi Says:

    Dude, if we don’t grill when there’s snow on the ground there’s barely any time for grillin’!

    What about a leek soup of some sort – potato and leek soup? No I don’t have a recipe. LOL

    Are you all on the mend, now?

  3. The Bull Says:

    What to do with leeks?

    Stick yer thumb in em!

  4. purplemoose Says:

    Hmm, sounds interesting Heidi. And the pox are gone! At least, not contagious. We’ve got scabby kids here still, they will probably look bad for a few weeks.

  5. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) Says:

    Outsiders love pix like that! 🙂

  6. Serendipity Says:

    Hello there! Thanks for dropping by on Thankful Thursday and leaving me a nice comment.

    I love your blog. So cheerful and funny! Menu planning sounds like a good idea. That ought to solve the problem of cracking our head on what to eat or what to cook.

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