Just wanted to tell ya. . .

It’s snowing here.

No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke!

The middle calf is about done with chicken pox and the baby girl’s got it now.  Lots of ’em, especially on her face.  Poor girl.

Life is almost back to normal.  Except the snow.  Except that that IS normal here.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


8 Responses to “Just wanted to tell ya. . .”

  1. Rita Says:

    It’s normal here too, sad to say.

  2. debi b Says:

    Oh no! Snow & chicken pox?!? How awful!
    I hope you are making a nice warm stew and just cuddling under covers until it “blows over”…

  3. purplemoose Says:

    So far the pox hasn’t been too bad. The mooselets have had MANY baths. Or “bat,” as the baby calls it. And the snow, eh, whatever! “It is what it is.”

  4. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) Says:

    I was almost ready for finding a case of CP so that I could see my kids get it over with, but now with the vaccine it’s actually hard to find a real case.

    And I wonder if I’d have the nerve to follow through– I’ve had it but my DH hasn’t, and I’m a little worried for him.

  5. heidi Says:

    Snow here, too. More expected this weekend. *sigh*

    SOmeone put a pox on your house, eh? *snicker* I amuse me.

  6. purplemoose Says:

    Hard to get it . . . I know! The firstborn calf was 4 years old before we knew anybody with it. . . I was pregnant and didn’t want to deal with the pox also. And this time? It took 3 exposures before it finally “took.” But with your hubby never having it, the vaccine is probably best.

  7. It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To. . . « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] survived chicken pox and thankfully, it really wasn’t too bad for the little calves.  We’ve done some […]

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