BPS: Spring?

Spring is a bit different here in Alaska.  It’s not as early, for starters.  Groundhog’s Day is no big deal for us because we know that we’ll have snow on the ground even into April or May.  (These pictures, for example, were taken on April 4 last year.)

We even have our own word for spring. . . “Breakup,” because when spring finally arrives it is often first noticed on the rivers and lakes as the ice breaks up.

Generally, when it starts to snow (which could be as early as September or as late as November), we will have snow covering the ground all winter long.  (Except for the major paved roads, which can be bare when the snow is piled on the sides of the road.)  Just this week, the snow started melting enough that we could see dirt in a place or two.  (But most of the world is still white, and it snowed again last night.)

But when March comes around, the days are longer, the temperatures stay closer to the freezing point than to zero, and the sun actually feels warm again.  It’s a wonderful thing!  The snow starts to melt and then we can see . . .


dead grass and leaves all around.  If you look closely, you can see little bits of new growth.  Usually the snow melts so fast, and the ground thaws so slowly, that it can’t absorb all the water.  This makes great mud puddles everywhere.

Last year, the boys liked playing outside.  By April they were able to get their own snow gear on and they would play outside for quite a while, maybe an hour.  They loved it!  And I did too!  🙂



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3 Responses to “BPS: Spring?”

  1. Alisha Says:

    Nice pictures! Actually, that is our spring too, hence, why our spring pics are outside. haha. I live in New Brunswick, Canada, so we still have snow on the ground well into April, and sometimes May. :S

  2. debi b Says:

    Oh I just loved reading all of this. I find Alaska so fascinating. (as you know, my dream vacation area)

    Great pics of your kids enjoying “spring”. LOL

    Thanks for playing along this week 🙂

    ps I got your kids designs. Thanks so much! They are adorable!!!!

  3. heidi Says:

    Hey…can you swing by my place, please?

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