TT: It’s Late and I’m Tired

It’s late Thursday night, 10:30-ish.  I’ve been up since about 4 or 4:30 this morning. I woke with the baby and just could not get back to sleep, so much was running through my brain. And even my sure bet for getting back to sleep, running through the verses I am memorizing, didn’t work.  I am now nursing the baby who does NOT want to go to sleep, thanks to her LATE afternoon nap.  It’s been a day of schedules thrown to the wind!

It’s also been a busy, difficult week. Partly I’ve been following Stellan’s story, to be praying for his heart to go to a normal rhythm.  Partly it’s been a week of volcano action.  (Today we narrowly missed ashfall. . . it’s been exciting and yet very anti climatic.)  And don’t forget the blog party.  Lots of fun popping in and around the blogosphere, but it’s tiring too.

So I was relieved today that Lynn posted a random theme for today’s Thankful Thursday post.  I think I can do this one.  Today I am thankful for . . .

  • this sweet little girl who is beginning to get long-ish hair
  • the cute little boy who loves to color
  • the bigger, but still cute, boy who wants to play games, any kind of games, card games, board games, you name it.
  • the TV and computer andmicrowave.  The little things that make our lives easier, except for when they are complicating life.
  • the first glimpse of dirt under the snow packed road.  Spring is definitely coming!
  • the winds that blew ash away from us.
  • the tax refund.
  • new bloggy friends.
  • our very own Daddy who enjoys reading to his little boys and snuggling with his little girl.
  • his job. . . there are many who have lost theirs.
  • my “job,” I forget often that this WAS my dream job a decade ago.  How easy it is to see the hard parts of life, and forget the blessings and plus sides.
  • always being able to praise our LORD, even in the midst of trials and difficulties.  I don’t mean that the hard stuff of life will go away.  It doesn’t seem to work that way.  But somehow, accepting that He is running the show makes it easier to step back. . . it’s one less thing I have to do.
  • Thankful Thursday, to give me at least one day a week to turn my mind to the praises.

5 Responses to “TT: It’s Late and I’m Tired”

  1. Denise Says:

    Bless your thankful heart.

  2. Mum-me Says:

    I am guessing that by you ‘job’ you mean being a mum? Yes it is hard to be thankful when you’re changing nappies every 2 hours, telling your artistic toddler that ‘we ONLY draw on the paper’ for the 10th time, and playing the Bob the Builder board game with your older child for what seems like the 100th time that week, as well as keep the house running. It is an exhausting job, but the best one in the whole world. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness, and hope that volcano behaves itself!

  3. purplemoose Says:

    Yup, that’s the job I mean! I was kinda disappointed to be missed yesterday, I was working it into a school lesson with the mooselets. Another chance today I guess, since they are expecting light ash to fall.

  4. Lynn Says:


    So glad you took time to pluck out a post for TT. I enjoyed reading it… I hope you found some rest last night. Have a great weekend. Hugs.

  5. Rita Says:

    Wishing you blessings tonight. You have a great post and thankful list.

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