Why on earth am I up at 2 am???

At just past 1 am they called from the place The Bull works.  Since he’s one of the managers, they wanted to see if he could come in early.  Of course, he was scheduled to go in at 6 a.m. anyway.

Why did they want him to come in early?

Glad you asked.

Apparently our volcanic friend, who has a habit of rearranging peoples’ plans, finally erupted late last night and early this morning.  They wanted him to come and open the store early.  Except that he’s one of those who are farther away so they had to call somebody else, anyway.

(And ironically, the friend who did not visit last time the volcano looked like she was going to erupt. . . may have to modify her vacation plans again because of Redoubt!  Not fair!!)

And I’m not sure what to expect because of this volcano.  I may be offline because of this, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

So I figured I’d check in on MckMama.  I checked to see if she’d posted her “Not Me! Monday” yet (sometimes she does that before bed, her time, which is evening time for me.)  She had not; but there was a Twitter update that said they’d taken baby Stellan to the hospital.   The update was six hours old, and there was no update since then. . . Since she seems to have her cell phone attached to her hand I figured it was bad news (because if it wasn’t bad news she would update to say so, right?)

So I checked, and they have had a rough night with the poor baby.  His heart rate is too high.  Looks like they are having a hard time getting it down.

So I woke because of the volcano, but I’m still up to pray for Stellan.  Please, dear LORD. . . .

If you find this post soon, will you please join us in praying?  Thanks!  . . . oh, and if you want, check over to her blog to read his amazing story!


2 Responses to “Why on earth am I up at 2 am???”

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    […] story, to be praying for his heart to go to a normal rhythm.  Partly it’s been a week of volcano action.  (Today we narrowly missed ashfall. . . it’s been exciting and yet very anti climatic.)  […]

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    […] was another little baby, Stellan, and his heart.  Dear LORD, how we prayed for that boy!!  Several times in 2009 he was hospitalized for SVT, a potentially deadly heart […]

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