MPM: Rollin’ on by

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“I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates
You’ve got a brand new key. . .”

I have no idea why, but this song has been rolling through my head all night. Anybody remember it? Hey: A Mini-Contest!! The winner will get. . . glory and fame right here on my itty bitty blog.

Yeah, I’m feeling weird tonight and I have a headache. Why do you ask? Could you tell? Naw, don’t answer that. 🙂

Ahem. Here are our meals for the week. . .

Monday: Chicken Carbonara . . . This is from Heidi’s Iron Chef challenge.  Wednesday is the last day to vote if you were joining us!

Tuesday: Moose steaks (marinated in Montreal steak seasoning) with garlic roasted potatoes and random veggies.

Wednesday:  Tortilla Soup.  I found a recipe I’d printed out years ago. . . time to clean out the ol’ recipe file!  But I wanted a simpler recipe so I found this one.  I will, of course, modify it to fit what we use.  For example, I don’t have the Lawry’s enchilada sauce mix, so I’ll use a can of enchilada sauce (and cut back on the chicken stock so it’s not too thin.)

Thursday:  Shepherd’s pie with moose burger.

Friday, Kids’ night:  Homemade pizza with homemade moose pepperoni (by The Bull.)

Saturday:  Garlic pasta with random veggies.

Sunday:  Chicken and broccoli quiche.

What else is for dinner this week?  Go see Org Junkie to find out!


2 Responses to “MPM: Rollin’ on by”

  1. heidi Says:

    We’re having the Carbonara tomorrow, too. But you knew that already. I had to bump the Rice Crispie chicken to Tuesday because of company coming earlier than scheduled.

  2. MPM: Missing something? « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] is still snow on the ground.  Yes, we have started the grill this year already.  Remember the moose steaks from two weeks ago?  No, we are not crazy. […]

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