NMM: Ah, the innocence. . .

I just love Mondays.  Today is a bit of a snowy day.  It won’t accumulate into enough to shut our world down, but it is pretty.  And deep.  Spring is a month away still I’m sure!

Anywho, I love Mondays because of NOT ME! MONDAY.  One day in a week to find out that hey, maybe I’m not the only one who lets the kids eat food off the floor (which I did NOT do again this week . . . come on, you can wash off that hot dog!) or watch foul languaged videos (And for the record:  this week’s video, Wall-E, was very clean.  What a relief!)

Maybe I’m an ok mama after all!  Thank you, friends!  I needed that encouragement!

I did NOT hear Calf #2 say “I don’t like this stuff!” at dinner this week.  Two, three times?  Ugh.  I do NOT react at all when he says that.  And I did NOT want to throw his plate in the garbage and let him eat NOTHING.

I did NOT sit at the desktop computer, while The Bull sat at the couch with the laptop, and chat with him.  On the computer.  Because we are sitting two feet away from each other and it would have been so much easier to just open our mouths and talk.

Certainly we did NOT do this twice this week.

Said chat did NOT contain anything that was inappropriate for children or innuendoes or anything like that.  Which is good, since they were playing on the couch and asking to type their names.  I am NOT glad they cannot yet read. . .

So there we have it.  You might want to go see MckMama, I hear that she’s got lots of confessions to make this week.


4 Responses to “NMM: Ah, the innocence. . .”

  1. Erica Says:

    My husband and I sit two feet apart at our computers too, but we chat with our mouths, not typing. That’s pretty funny.

    Happy Monday!

  2. heidi Says:

    Rob and I communicate more via IM than anything else. Ha!

  3. debi b Says:

    LOL! Russ and I chat with each other on the compy=uters too. haha
    i send him messages on Facebook all the time too. haha

  4. Khadra Says:

    My husband and I will send text messages to each other with our phone while we are sitting on the same couch lol!

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