BPS: Park

Well, last week was QUITE busy for me and I didn’t get to my old baby pics.  So I’ll share a few I took last year and are on the computer already.  (Is that cheating? I dunno.)

Once upon a time we used to live within walking distance from a park.  Well, it would have been walking distance anyway, if I hadn’t been pregnant, or carrying around two small boys who couldn’t walk very far on their own.  Anyway, we didn’t get to that park often, sadly.

Last year the weather was atrocious and cloudy and drizzly and not good weather for going to the park for much of the summer.  But on a couple of the nice days, we got to the park!






And, since I have no pics of the little moose miss, since she was snuggled into my sling, here’s one of her last summer.


You can head to Debi’s place to see who else has baby pictures posted.  Or maybe you would like to join in the fun yourself?  It’s lots of fun!


2 Responses to “BPS: Park”

  1. debi b Says:

    What fun pics of the kids at the park and nope, not cheating. It doesn’t have to be long ago 🙂
    Love that pic of Little Miss. Gorgeous eyes!

    Thanks for playing along this week.

    ps Would LOVE to come up to Alaska! Some day……

  2. Leia Says:

    great pcitures. looks like they had a blast

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