MPM: Quickly, quickly

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Busy week, busy week.  OK let’s see if I can pull a proverbial rabbit out of my hat.

Monday:  away from home.  I have no idea what’s for dinner, and quite frankly I don’t care.

Tuesday:  See Monday.

Wednesday: See Tuesday, or Monday.  Whatever.  You choose.

Thursday:  Cranberry Hill’s quiche.  It looked and sounded good!  If she lets me I’ll post her recipe or link to it.

Friday:  Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.  Yes, we had it last week.  I can do that right?  I’m the boss after all!

Saturday: Spinach and mashed potato casserole (adapted from this recipe.)

Sunday:  Breakfast for dinner.  We didn’t get to do the biscuits with chocolate gravy.  So we’ll do it this week.

Check out this blog if you want other recipes and menu ideas.  It’s a great thing!


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    […] I promised a recipe for quiche last week.  This is from Cranberry […]

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