NMM: Quick and dirty


I’ve got about a bazillion things to do today (all before 3 pm) and a million thoughts running through my head today, so this one will need to be quick. And it’s been kind of a dirty week.  Here goes!

I did NOT forget to open the damper on the wood stove last week.  This did NOT fill the living room with smoke.  I did NOT then have to open the front door and the back door to air the place out.  It was NOT about 2 degrees above zero at that time, so I did NOT literally “chill out” during that time.

I did NOT let fly from my mouth all sorts of unharmonious trash after receiving bad news this week.  I used to suffer from foul vocal emissions but I’ve gotten my mouth cleaned up recently.  (No, I don’t remember how I did it.)  Except for the few times of intense emotional distress when no other words will adequately express myself.

That’s that! Ya’all go see MckMama and see what else is NOT happening in the world today.

Wolverine out.  🙂


One Response to “NMM: Quick and dirty”

  1. debi b Says:

    I did not just unleash on my daughter because i am tired of the lying. UGH!
    Here’s to a better tomorrow…

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