Ummmmm, excuse me, but . . .

I don’t think volcano monitoring is wasteful spending!!!

We’ve been watching Redoubt here for nearly two months.  We are in the direct line of fire to be dumped on by ash if and when she blows.  Depending on the nature of the eruption, the wind direction and speed, weather conditions, etc., etc., etc., an eruption could be no big deal. Or it could disrupt our lives and schedules for a time.  She already HAS disrupted our lives, as we have needed to change plans a few times because the seismic activity looked like it would be increasing towards an eruption.

We’ve chosen to be prepared with having food and water and dust masks available in case we need to “shelter in place” for a few days.  Most experts say that likely the disruption wouldn’t be that long, but it’s better to be prepared, isn’t it?

So, I want to know, who is this Bobby Jindal guy?  Obviously he’s never been in Alaska and has no clue about what life is like up here.

So here’s what I think.  Let’s do it “Survivor” style.   Drop him off in an uninhabited place in Alaska near where a volcano could erupt.  Ooh, and let’s add the earthquake factor in too, by making it someplace that could be shaken really good, ok?  And let the same place be subject to tidal waves as well.  I think it would be quite easy to find a place like that, considering that Alaska has the most coastline AND the most active volcanoes AND the most volcanic eruptions of any of the states.

And let’s give him no contact with the outside world to simulate the unavailability of organizations that watch and study and teach folks how to plan for these natural events.  I suppose we outta be nice and give him food and water and shelter and warm clothing.  But we should DEFINITELY do this in the winter, say, March.  (Yes, March is still winter here!)

See if he changes his mind.

(Sorry, I’m feeling particularly nasty today!)


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