NMM: Fun with DVDs


Among all the other things I did NOT do this week. . . .like cleaning up dinner after dinner (instead I prefer to clean up dinner after breakfast the next day . . .)

I did NOT insist that Calf #1 sit with me and watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the older one) even after he said he didn’t want to watch any more because it was too scary.  Something about a little girl turning into a blueberry just didn’t set well with him I guess.

I did NOT have the song from that movie, “Pure Imagination,” running through my head all week after watching the movie.  Such a silly song!  And so darned melodic!

We did NOT choose Short Circuit as our Sunday afternoon family movie.  Since it has NOT been over a decade since we’d seen it, The Bull and I did NOT forget about all the profanity in the stupid show!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I did NOT cringe with every lousy word and pray that the boy calves will forget the new vocabulary words.

And speaking of the boy calves, they are NOT running back and forth in the hallway right now and growling like little baby monsters.  I am NOT ignoring the thumpety-thump of their little feet while they continue to run and roar, while I continue to type.

I have NOT been humming Veruca Salt’s song all weekend long.  You know the one . . . “I Want It Now”?  Yeah, that one.  I have NOT been humming it and I do NOT in ANY WAY resemble that spoiled, selfish girl.

Now I’m NOT going to go find some chocolate.  I WANT IT NOW!!  🙂

Now you can head head over to MckMama’s blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


4 Responses to “NMM: Fun with DVDs”

  1. Khadra Says:

    oh, we arent supposed to force them to watch willy wonka? I made my girls watch both versions lol!

  2. heidi Says:

    Oh man…I did the SAME thing with Goonies! I let my girls watch it and totally FORGOT all the profanity and the sexual innuendo in it!

  3. debi b Says:

    LOL1 I have done that SO many times and let the kids watch old movies TOTALLY forgettinbg “bad” parts! We just watched The Incredible Shrinking Woman with Lily Tomlin on Friday and I about died at the sex scene 😮

  4. purplemoose Says:

    Thanks, guys. I feel so much better knowing that I’m not the only one doing these kind of things!!

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