BPS: You!

This week our assignment was to find our OWN baby pics.  *Cue Mission Impossible music here*

Shortly before the birth of my firstborn, my mom had my brother bring my pictures to me.  He was coming up to visit anyway and this was way before they started charging for extra baggage. Anywho, I was ecstatic to get the pics and started trying to make a scrapbook out of them.  I got exactly two pages done.

Well, I’m still very glad to have these pics.  It was neat to go through them again to find pics for this post.  Maybe I’ll put a few in my scrapbook now.


Me and my mommy when I was just two weeks old!


My aunt holding me on the day of my baptism, I am one month old.


One month old.  This is an afghan made by my mom’s grandmother.  I don’t know that I ever met her.

4-21-74My first Easter, with my Grandpa.


Five months old, messing around in my crib.  I still like to think “outside the crib bumper.”


A long running joke in my family, let the baby crawl under the coffee table.  It was somewhat painful to learn that you couldn’t pick your head up under the table.


Ten months old, with my mom.  I remember that shirt.  I always liked it.  (Maybe it’s the color?)


A family vacation to Mackinac Island.  One of my favorite places in the world.  I was 11 months old here, and my dad was showing me a cannon.


More of the vacation.  Another of my favorite places, the Call of the Wild.  (I took The Bull there a few years ago and it was still amazing!)


Almost two years old, sitting in my dad’s rocking chair.  It was his when he was a kid.  (I have somewhere a picture of calf #1 sitting in it.  Yeah, they made things to last back then!)

Well, I’m off to go stick pics on pages.  You can click on the button at the top up there to see other cute baby pics!


One Response to “BPS: You!”

  1. debi b Says:

    These are fantastic pictures! So wonderful that you have so many!!!
    Thank you so much for playing along 🙂

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