NMM: A boring week

notmemondayThis past week I did NOT do anything embarrassing or bad or unhealthy or silly.

Ha Ha!  You guys know me too well to believe that, don’t you?

OK, here goes.

I did NOT pick up the food the baby had just thrown on the floor and plop it back on the tray for her to eat.  Five second rule, right?? Yeah.  Besides, I mopped the floor Friday and it was still clean.  It’s all good.

I did NOT eat something off the floor myself either.  Again, it was clean.  And I’m not about to throw a chunk of cheese away, I love it too much!

I am NOT writing my NOT ME MONDAY post on Sunday night.

I am SO NOT eating a dessert left over from Friday’s banquet right now.  Which was lovely, I might add.  And the dessert is even better left over, if that were possible!  🙂

I did NOT try to make oatmeal raisin cookies this morning before leaving for church. Sunday mornings are just too busy for that kind of thing.  And the cookies (that I did NOT bake) did NOT get overcooked and stick to the pan.  I did NOT leave the kitchen a mess when we left for church.  And I am NOT leaving the mess to clean up tomorrow.

We were NOT late for church this morning, again. *D’oh!*

I have NOT been wondering, for the past month, where Calf #1’s good slacks went.  And he did NOT find them in his drawer Sunday morning when they are supposed to be hung up in the closet!!  Oh the lack of organization in this household! I mean we do NOT have a lack of organization in this household!

And I was NOT working on three different posts at the same time.  (That would be too hard to keep track of each of them, right?)  While the children watch Disney’s Tarzan.

And when Tarzan got finished, I did NOT put in Rack, Shack, and Benny in for the kids to veg out on.  I mean smoosh their brains on.  And I did NOT follow that up with Josh and the Big Wall.  I do NOT usually let the kids watch so much tv.  (And for the record, the reason it has taken me several hours to do these lousy three posts is that I’ve been interrupted a dozen times for snacks and tooth brushing and clean bedding and putting food away and a leaky idiaper.  I could get a lot more finished if I could just sit down and do it!!  Maybe I should wait to blog until they are in bed.  Hmm.  Maybe I need to learn better time management tips.)

And I did NOT intend to pun in the last paragraph about the kids “vegging” out on VeggieTales movies.  Ha ha!  Or maybe I did.

I did NOT have to change this week’s meal plan three times after remembering the various activities on the schedule for the week.  Argh!  Next time I need to remember to check the schedule first!

And now for you, please consider joining in the fun.  Visit MckMama to share with the rest of the world what you have NOT done this past week.  Or just read about others who have NOT done anything embarrassing or bad or unhealthy or silly.


6 Responses to “NMM: A boring week”

  1. Khadra Says:

    I pick stuff up off the floors for the kids too. Im sure there are worse things they could eat!

  2. debi b Says:

    LOL Love this list of things you “didn’t” do. hahaha
    I didn’t just finish preposting 6 posts for the week. haha
    (so much easier when you get a bunch done at once)

  3. purplemoose Says:

    Aww, man, preposting! Isn’t that cheating? 🙂 I do NOT do that (despite my admitting in this here post to getting it ready on Sunday. . . ahem.)
    And Khadra. . . let’s start a club! The “Lick The Floor Clean” club maybe. . . Ugh, maybe not.

  4. nani Says:

    I thought it was the “10 second rule”??? That’s what I always go by. You had time to spare in my book!!!

  5. heidi Says:

    I schedule posts for the week, too. I just write them when I have time. 🙂

  6. Em Says:

    LOL! If your kids are anything like mine, you would be waiting until 10 to get a post done. There’s always something after bedtime.

    I try to remember it’s nice to be needed 🙂

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