BPS: Love

I don’t take too many valentines day pics, so here’s a few of some lovely moments in our children’s lives:


a newborn Calf #1.


Here he is at just over one month old, riding a tractor with his Daddy.


At first he absolutely freaked out about the jiggling, talking toy, but eventually he grew to love the “Tickle Me Elmo” that Grandpa R sent him.  He called it “Melmo.”  Wonder if we still have him . . . .?


Calf #2, just minutes old.  Yes, it was a water birth.  Yes, it was amazing. Yes, I’d do a water birth again in a heartbeat!  (If I were pregnant, anyway.  Let’s not be starting any rumours, shall we?)


My cute little “wild things,” all dressed up alike.  I’m sure they will hate it when they are grown, but they are so adorable!


Calf #2 loved his food, and he loved eating his socks too!


Calf #3, just minutes old. Note the red marks on her cheek.  She came through with her hand up to her face.  Can you say “Ouch!”?


Calf #3 with her Daddy.  This, my friends, was some lovely Daddy-Daughter bonding time!


And, last but most certainly not least, all three of our lovely calves when the baby was just a few weeks old.  You can’t tell they are happy about their new sister, can you?

(You can click the button up there to go to “Who Says 8 Is Enough” and see who else has baby pictures posted.)


2 Responses to “BPS: Love”

  1. debi b Says:

    These are all such adorable pictures! I absolutely LOVE the water birth photo! Just beautiful!
    Thank you for playing along tody 🙂

  2. cat Says:

    Oh great pictures! I would have loved to do a water birth, but alas, not meant for me. Ended up with two C-sections.

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