NMM: Ridiculous


Yes, friends, it’s that time once again.  Time to be blatantly honest, while still trying to maintain a sense of dignity.  Time for . . . . Not Me Monday!!  Created by the lovely and talented MckMama, this is our weekly dose of reality.  Because realizing that we are not alone in this funny little ride of life is priceless (to borrow a phrase.)

I did NOT spend four hours trying to upload videos for our “Wagie Ride”, using two different sites, then have to wait overnight until the videos had uploaded to Vimeo.  But at least it finally worked, right?  I know, it was ridiculous.  Who has four hours to spend on uploading videos?  NOT me!

And the calves did NOT entertain themselves during this time with one of their favorite movies.  We do NOT do the tv-babysitter thing here.

I so did NOT feel tired yesterday, all day long, tired enough that I wondered how I could keep putting one foot in front of the other.  There was no reason for feeling so sleepy, since I did NOT sleep eight solid hours Saturday night! Must be the cumulative effect of the sleep deprivation from the calves and me being sick, right?  (Maybe this was why it took four hours to upload a video, I couldn’t think straight enough to figure it out.)

I did NOT pout and sulk Friday night when the volcano we’ve been watching kicked the seismicity up a notch, which caused friends to cancel their trip to visit us.  And the pouting and sulking did NOT continue on Saturday.  I’m so mature, aren’t I?  (And for the record, the volcanic activity calmed down on Sunday.  Stupid Redoubt!  Ruins our weekend and then slows down.)

And I’m out.  Catch you next time!


2 Responses to “NMM: Ridiculous”

  1. heidi Says:

    Wait – so you wanted the volcano to erupt? That might’ve ruined a bit more than weekend plans, eh?

    Nah,I get it. I hate when youlook forward to something that doesn’t end up happening.

  2. Why on earth am I up at 2 am??? « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] our volcanic friend, who has a habit of rearranging peoples’ plans, finally erupted late last night and early this morning.  They wanted him to come and open the […]

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