NMM: Gone viral

I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of life here. It was a difficult week.  There was the passing of little Tuesday, a sweet girl for whom we’ve been praying for several months.  Oh, that was not good news.

And then, of course, the lil’ calves have been sick. What joy to have sick children.  (I guess really I’ll take ’em any way they come, right?)

But onto the Not Me’s.

Just so you know, I do NOT have one bottle of toddler ibuprofen, one bottle of toddler acetaminophen, one package of children’s ibuprofen, one package of children’s acetaminophen, one package of earache tablets, two medicine cups, one medicine spoon, one medicine dropper, and one thermometer on my bathroom counter right now at this very minute!

I did NOT take the little calves to the doctor’s on Tuesday for Calf #3’s well-child exam, and ask to add a slightly-ill Calf #2 to their schedule.  And we did NOT wait extra long to have the dear Dr. tell me that Calf #2 has “just a virus.”

Calf #2 did NOT get worse the next morning.  He did NOT lie on the couch, all day long, coughing and wheezing and feverish and refusing the liquid medicine I offered him.  We did NOT stay home all day, skipping our church dinner that night.

The littlest calf did NOT start getting sick on Thursday.  And middle born calf did NOT start to get better.  Friday was NOT more of the same: #3 worse, #2 better; better enough, in fact, to go outside and play for a few minutes.  And I did NOT let him! How insane would I be, to allow a sick child to go out in the cold!

And he did NOT, amazingly enough, begin to complain of an earache after dinner.  I have NO idea how that came about but I am sure it was NOT due to playing outside.

I did NOT make an emergency trip to the store on Friday night at 9 p.m.  (because I NEVER go to the store that late!)  so that we could get some MORE medicine and other necessities (ice cream, cheese, etc.) before the place closed for the night and we had to face the very real possibility of running out of medicine for the sick children.

I did NOT forget to buy chocolate while I was at the store.  How did that happen?!

Calf #3 did NOT lie around and want to be held most of Friday, all of Saturday, and even through Sunday early evening.  She did NOT scare her poor mama with her fever going up to 104 degrees Saturday afternoon (which thankfully came down with the above-mentioned children’s medicines.)

I have NOT been up overnight practically every stinkin’ night this week with sick children and I am NOT walking around like a zombie due to extreme sleep deprivation.  No, my children sleep fine at night, even when they are sick and coughing and wheezing.  And I manage just fine with sleep deprivation. . . NOT!

And I have NOT been feeling the same head-stuffy, sore, snottiness myself.  No, I am immune to the viruses that have been flowing through my house.   I do NOT catch colds when the children sneeze on me and cough on me and emit their bodily fluids on me.  (I’ll spare you the details; yes you are welcome.)

I have NOT been glad to be home most of this weekend.  (Oh wait, yes I have.  I actually prefer being home to being busy and gone and running around.)

And we have NOT been keeping an eye on the volcano which has received much unusual and inaccurate publicity due to its change in status.  And said volcano has NOT erupted.  (No, really people, it HAS NOT ERUPTED!  And if and when it does, we are ready for it.)

I have NOT changed two icky diapers on the little girl since I sat down to type this up.  And I do NOT hear calf #2 coughing in his bed right now.  And Calf #3 is NOT still awake and standing by me, snotty nosed and tugging at her ear, saying “Mama, mama, mama, mama,” while I try to make this post as clear and concise as I possibly can with a head stuffed with cotton.  (Why is she up so late?  She slept a lot today, and when the baby’s sick, just let her sleep.)  I’m sure I will NOT be up with sick, coughing children again tonight.  I am NOT going to bed right now.   Wait, I am, goodnight!

I am NOT glad that MckMama posted her Not Me’s on Sunday night, instead of Monday, so I can get this done and over and not have to think about it on Monday.  Anywho, head over to her blog to read what she and others have NOT done this past week.


6 Responses to “NMM: Gone viral”

  1. Khadra Says:

    wooo hooo! I was going to post a comment yesterday when I read through your post but the comment thingy wouldnt work. And now that I CAN post, I cant remember what I wanted to say. sigh.

  2. purplemoose Says:

    Oh, I know the feeling. It happens to me all the time. Why, just yesterday . . . uh, what was I saying? Oh my look at the time. Gotta run!

  3. heidi Says:

    Yay! I can comment!!! Thank you for your nice comments to me on my blog. 🙂 I’m sorry your crew is sick. 😦 I just totally disinfected the house and froze everyone out because I opened dooors and aired the place out. Stupid germs. DIE! *ahem*

  4. debi90 Says:

    Oh no! I am so sorry you have a house full of sickness. Poor you and poor kids 😦

    Thank you so much for commenting and helping me help the Whitt family.

  5. purplemoose Says:

    You are very welcome. The kids, well I think (hope) we’re on the “road to recovery” as it were. And you? Is your crew on the mend? And YOU, with your exciting night??

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