NMM: Chocolate-flavoured


I did NOT make a special trip to the grocery store on Friday, with three kids in tow, just to buy some chocolate.  Must have been somebody else who looks just like me.

And I did NOT break my chocolate-buying record.  No, that was NOT the first time I’ve bought chocolate in four months.  (Well, except for filling the Christmas stockings . . . which was NOT for me, entirely, so it did NOT count.)

And that also means that I did NOT consume that big bag of peanut Ms and Ms that I found in my stocking on Christmas morning (or Ws and Ws, depending on how you look at  ’em) in one month. OK, OK, it was NOT more like two weeks.  I do NOT eat that much chocolate!

And I did NOT eat a third of the chocolate purchased on Friday by Sunday.  That would be way unhealthy.  And it was most certainly NOT because of hormones.  I do NOT do this kind of thing every month!!!

I think I’d better go find some more chocolate.  And you’d better go visit MckMama to see other things that are NOT happening around bloggyland this week.


2 Responses to “NMM: Chocolate-flavoured”

  1. dohsedoe Says:

    Very inspiring! Okay, I’m getting up the courage to try my own “Not me’s”…..Great idea with the menu plans. Maybe if we see other people’s menus, it’ll give us ideas?!? It will be nice to get back to eatin’ at church Wednesday night. It’s been a bummer to come up with another meal and try to get out the door. I don’t think I’d like the beans and vinegar (and my kiddos definitely wouldn’t). But hey, if there’s some bread to go with it, we’re all good to go! 🙂

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