BPS: Bundled Up

Hey, it’s my first time posting with Debi over there!  Lemme tell ya, up here in the great cold north land, we know how to bundle up.

Here’s our first born child, our little “deer.” In an adorable moosey hat, no less!

calf#1 with a moosey hat

Our second born took a trip with me to Phoenix, where there was no need for such bundling.  This was sufficient.

calf#2 bundled for phoenix

Our third born got the bunny suit

the bunny suit, calf#3calf#3 with daddy

but she also got an adorable little pink suit to go outside and help her big brothers with their schoolwork!

calf#3 helping brothers with snow experiments

Actually, all three of the mooselets wore the bunny suit.  It is adorable, with its little pink ears and a little puff for a tail.  It was the first thing we bought after our first positive pregnancy test.  Such wonderful memories!

Visit Debi to see other cute baby pics.


3 Responses to “BPS: Bundled Up”

  1. debi90 Says:

    OMGosh! I LOVE the bunny suit! So cute!!!! And looks so snuggly!

    Thank you for playing along this week! Very nice to “meet” you 🙂

  2. cheryllage Says:

    There is something so adorable about kids bundled so snuggly mobility is but a hope! 🙂

    Darling shots!

  3. BPS: Easter « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] Remember the bunny suit? […]

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